torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

Coming Soon: Basement Beatdown - Women's Day

The traditional shooto amateur tournament returns again to Jyväskylä Fight Club. For the second time it's the ladies turn to step in to the ring. The event is open to all female mma athletes at least 15 years of age. The official Shooto amateur rules C+ will be used, as well as the Shooto weight classes.

Fight Card:

Jenna Roivas GB Gym (0-0-0) vs Satu Luukkonen MMA Utti (0-1-0) -65 kg

Anni Sillanpää GB Gym (0-0-0) vs Laura Tapiola MMA Utti (0-1-0) -65 kg 

Miia Isola GB Gym (5-5-2) vs Sini Järvensivu MMA Team 300 (1-2-0) -70 kg

Sandra Roos GB Gym (0-0-0) vs Sanna Laitinen Team @tletic (0-2-0) -70 kg

Veera Nykänen GB Gym (2-0-0) vs Jutta Sainio, Sports Academy NO1 (0-0-0) -52 kg

Salla Salo GB Gym (1-3-0) vs Verna Mustonen Espoon Kehähait (2-3-1) -65 kg

Jenni Nuutinen GB Gym (1-0-0) vs Annukka Jernvall Jkl Fight Club (0-0-0) -60kg

Marika Vainola GB Gym (2-3-0) vs Tina Lähdemäki RNC Sport Club (7-0-0) -58kg

Vuokko Katainen MMA Kuopio vs TBA -60 kg

Come and celebrate the Women's Day with us already the 2nd of March!

The fights start at 15:00
Location: Jyväskylä Fight Club, Sammonkatu 7, Jyväskylä, Finland.
Entrance fee: 10€

Lutadora Ltd & FighterGirls are sponsoring the event! Free Fighter will be there! Afterwards, you can visit Coffea for chocolate, coffee and tea, have dinner in Food Bar & Kitchen and party at Bar Passion!

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You can find the invitation in Finnish here.

Basement Beatdown - Tyttöjen ilta 2011

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