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We are a team of girls grappling, training bjj, submission wrestling and mma in the heart of Finland, Jyväskylä. Our journey began at Jyväskylän Fight Club (internationally known as Hilti BJJ Jyvaskyla) 2009 when the first girls only -class was held. In the beginning there was only three active girls training but step by step we got more and now-a-days we are around 15!

After a BJJ competition in Lahti 2011

This far we have had seven beginners courses for women only and they have been pretty popular. We now run two girls only -classes every week and we of course attend the regular classes with guys. We have had women only seminars with Ida Hansson as well a seminar in co-operation with other Finnish high level competitors. Plus, we are visiting other seminars of course. We have also organized women only amateur mma fight night two times. We have been successfully competing in all three sports - bjj, submission wrestling and mma - both nationally and internationally. At the moment we have all the belts from white to black represented on the mats.

After training feeling

We like to encourage our girls to compete since we find it to be the best way to improve and learn new things about your game and yourself. We like to keep the atmosphere of our classes relaxed and fun and yet train hard.

This blog is our training/competing journal and unfortunately it's in Finnish. But if you happen to be around Jyväskylä you are more than welcome to visit us at Jyväskylän Fight Like a Girl Club!

Visiting Stockholm - Girls Only 2011 Camp

Mundials 2013

Basement Beatdown 2011

ADCC Finnish Championship 2011

If there's any questions or you want to come and train with us you can sen e-mail to hanna_hirvonen[at] or venla_luukkonen[at]